Pressto opens new store in Bulgaria

Pressto, the dry cleaner and laundry chain, continues its international expansion and it has opened now a new franchising shop in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It is located into a shopping centre in the area ofBoyana, exclusive neighbourhood where residents are mainly wealthy business people, government officials and other important members of the Bulgarian social and political life.

Pressto was the first laundry franchising chain to come into Bulgaria. It was in 2002 by franchising agreement which is the most usual formula of expansion for the Spanish Company, since it is the most effective way to establish in one country. The franchise master experience it is a very important issue for the key to Company success.

Since them, the master franchise has followed a strategy expansion procedure, carefully choosing areas where shops will be open in order to achieve successful franchisors.

Nowadays, Pressto has 6 stores in Bulgaria, they are in the capital city Sofia. They intends to open two more shops in this year.